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Logo, brand identity, and creative visuals – completely from scratch.

Canadian toy company Spin Master bought the Swedish game studio Toca Boca five years ago. Their success together has now resulted in a new game studio in Stockholm called Noid.

Our mission was to create the brand logo, creative visuals, such as brand assets, as well as establishing a brand identity, vision, guidelines and tone of voice for Noid – completely from scratch.

Client: Noid

Case: Brand identity + Website

A creative ecosystem, focusing on measurable growth.

Frank helped Orbital Systems to develop a creative ecosystem, aiming to drive short term growth while building the brand. We developed the ecosystem creative, media and CX, hand in hand.

The communication targets people with different interests based on the Orbital Showers different selling points. From tech to its Scandinavian design and the water saving benefits.

The foundation of the ecosystem is built on tightly knitted tech and media platforms.

Orbital Systems | Creative Campaign 2021 | Awareness, growth marketing, media, creative

A digital initiative and experience.

Friskis&Svettis, a Swedish wellness company, knows that people need movement, joy and community in order to be happy. The whole company is built on that belief. That’s why they developed the Friskisindex - to find out how well Stockholmers are doing!

Through the digital initiative Friskisindex, they measure how good people are doing based on movement, joy and community.

Frank helped the wellness company to develop the initiative in to a digital experience, aiming for maximum number of participants and potential new customers.

Friskis&Svettis | Digital initiative | Web and Digital

The app that makes it easy to share expenses.

Payd, a part of Svea Ekonomi, is the app that makes it easy to share expenses without having common finances. The trip, dinner or something as boring as everyday finances - Payd helps you keep track of who owes what. It just works.

Frank led the conceptual process, UX and UI. We’re continuously working with Payd to optimize and develop the product.

Client: Payd

Case: Concept + UX + UI